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Choosing a new system is a big commitment in terms of money, time, and the future development of the management of your collection. It’s really helpful to benefit from others’ experience, to which end we’d be very pleased if you could spare the time to respond to this questionnaire about the system(s) you are currently using, and how well they meet your needs. It should only take about 10 minutes, and any information you can provide will be valuable for establishing the current situation across our collections. We’d appreciate your response by Friday 28 April, and we will provide a summary of the results in the autumn Bulletin.


Friday 17th March 2017 at Cambridge University Library, West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9DR

Join curator Liam Sims for a free tour of Cambridge University Library's 'Curious Objects' exhibition.

Over the six centuries since its foundation Cambridge University Library has acquired many strange objects alongside the printed books and manuscripts we might expect to find in such a place. Find out why the University Library has a pair of Indian slippers in its collections, how psychic thumbprints were made, and why Charles Darwin was sent beard hair in the post. From an ostrich feather and ectoplasm to an old boot and a boomerang, the curious objects in this exhibition all have a part to play in telling the story of the Library, and form a cabinet of curiosities that opens a window onto the nature of collecting.

More information can be found on the virtual exhibition pages

The tour will take place at 2.30 on Friday 17th March and will take between forty-five minutes and an hour. This will be followed (for anyone who wishes to see the Library) by a 30-minute guided tour of the University Library building (designed by Giles Gilbert Scott and opened in 1934). Anyone wishing to return to the exhibition to browse after this will be welcome to do so. There is no charge for the tour, but places are limited, so please email Liam Sims (LS457@cam.ac.uk) to book a free place.

Please contact us if you have any suggestions for future events