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The Forum issues a Bulletin two or three times a year containing advertisements and reports of our meetings, news of the organisations with which we are in liaison, general news and announcements of conferences and seminars of relevance to historic libraries, and occasional short reports of events attended by members. It is sent to everyone on our UK mailing list.




Bulletin No. 39 January 2018

Bulletin No. 38 September 2017

Bulletin No. 37 May 2017

Bulletin No. 36 February 2017

Bulletin No. 35 October 2016

Bulletin No. 34 July 2016

Bulletin No. 33 February 2016

Bulletin No. 32 September 2015

Bulletin No. 31 June 2015

Bulletin No. 30 February 2015

Bulletin No. 29 September 2014

Bulletin No. 28 June 2014

Bulletin No. 27 February 2014

Bulletin No. 26 September 2013

Bulletin No. 25 July 2013

Bulletin No. 24 February 2013

Bulletin No. 23 October 2012

Bulletin No. 22 June 2012

Bulletin No. 21 February 2012

Bulletin No.20 July/September 2011

Bulletin No.19 February 2011

Bulletin No. 18 was not issued

Bulletin No.17 June 2010

Bulletin No.16 April 2010

Bulletin No.15 October 2009

Bulletin No.14 July 2009

Bulletin No.13 April 2009

Bulletin No.12 October 2008

Bulletin No.11 July 2008

Bulletin No.10 January 2008

Bulletin No.9 August 2007

Bulletin No.8 October 2006

Bulletin No.7 June 2006

Bulletin No.6 February 2006

Bulletin No.5 August 2005

Please direct any news, advertisements of forthcoming events or articles pertaining to historic libraries to Jill Dye, email j.s.dye@stir.a.uk.

We look forward to hearing from you!